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Surely, you've heard there is a hurricane churning off the coast of Florida. I was just in Miami and it was the talk of the town. 

The funny thing about hurricanes...well, there are many funny things about hurricanes, is that they move slowly compared to other weather systems. You cannot plan for a tornado or an earthquake. Hurricanes like to give you warning. 

The problem is that you never know how damaging, involving or terrible the hurricane will be. You can only prepare so much. You might not be able to do enough. You might even miss the signs it is even coming.

My life right now feels like it is being made landfall by a hurricane. Some of the things are great: a new job with a team I adore, the beginning of yoga teacher training, having a curious and busy five year old.

Some of it is terrible. My high school is closing, my uncle is very ill, a beautiful friend from college died unexpectedly. Plus, an actual hurricane is going to hit my hometown, filled with people I love.

It is hard to feel grounded. My head is light and I feel dizzy. But, just like a real hurricane, all I can do is batten down the hatches, try to breathe and wait for the storm to pass. And, then, when the sun comes out again and the wind is calm, we can begin to rebuild.

I hope you are safe wherever you are. Hunker down. It's gonna get rough before it gets better.